Ingesting Azure Sentinel Incident information into Log Analytics

Introduction Second Edit: Look at the entry Ingesting Azure Sentinel Incident information into Log Analytics Part II for more updates Edit: I forgot to add the image for the Compose section. Also, there is a typo in it. I have serverity when it should be severity (or whatever else you want to call it). If […]

My book has been released!!!!

I am happy to announce that my (and my co-author’s) book has, finally, been released. Learn Azure Sentinel is now available directly from the Packt site listed here: It should be shipping from Amazon soon. Of course, with the world-side lockdown the actual shipping date may vary. I would suggest buying it directly from […]

Getting a listing of your Azure Sentinel tables and columns

Introduction If you go into the Azure Sentinel Logs page you can get a listing of all the tables that you have as well as the individual columns that make up the tables. Wouldn’t it be great if you could export that list into a CSV file? With the use of Azure Sentinel’s REST API […]

Azure Sentinel book coming soon

I am happy to announce that the book I have been writing with my co-worker, Richard Diver, (and I have no idea how he got top billing 😉 ) is almost finished and will be released soon. It is an introduction to Azure Sentinel and covers all the topics from planning your Log Analytics workspace […]

New Azure Sentinel Analytics rule feature

Microsoft quietly released the Incident settings page in the Scheduled Analytics rule wizard. On this page you can state whether you want the alert to create an incident, if the alerts should be grouped into a single alert, and if you want to re-open closed incidents when a new alert is generated. The page looks […]

Viewing Incidents in an Azure Sentinel Workbook

I was playing around with workbooks and noticed that there is a new preview Data Source called Azure Resource Manager. When I selected it I noticed that the Path it wanted begins with /subscription so I thought I would try it with the URL to get Incidents from Sentinel. Lo and behold it worked! It […]

Microsoft improving the Azure Sentinel REST API

I was looking the latest changes MS made to the Azure Sentinel REST API (available at and noticed that they now have an entire section called “incidents” that can be used just as “cases” could before. This makes more sense since, during the beta, Alerts created “cases” but now they create “incidents” . This […]

Create multiple Azure Sentinel rules from selected templates

Introduction IMHO, one of the biggest PITA when setting up a new instance of Azure Sentinel is that while Microsoft gives you all these great Analytic rule templates, you have to select each, one at a time, to create a rule from them. These PowerShell scripts will avoid that. First, there is a PowerShell command, […]